Freedom Nova Videos

My goal is to make financial education as easy to understand as possible. Since there is so much information available and a lot of this information is complicated as it is, I will be making videos on a regular basis to make each the learning process a little easier! Bear with me with the quality of the videos as this is a learning process for me as well!

Financial Planning

In this video, learn how to calculate Time Value of Money (TMV) and why this is important. I also go into how you can use TMV to calculate your personal and customized “magic” number to financial freedom. I made this video to compliment the article, “What is your magic number to financial freedom?”

Investment Management 

In this video I spent time going through Google Finance and how to do your own stock research. This is the bare bones of what you can do with Google Finance but I figured it’d be useful to know what all those numbers and vocabulary mean. This video was made to compliment the article:
“Doing your own Stock Research on Google Finance”

Please be sure to consult a financial professional before making any decisions. All information on Freedom Nova is for informational purposes only and is not be confused with financial advice.

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