10 Steps to a Successful Investment Portfolio

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// To compliment an article I previously wrote called “The Essentials to Construct your Ultimate Investment Portfolio,” I decided to write this article to point out what factors lead to a successful portfolio. Step #1: Determine Risk Tolerance This is the foundation of all investment portfolios. If you don’t determine your risk tolerance you won’t get anywhere. Knowing how much ... Read More

Why you shouldn’t quit your day job just yet

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why you shouldnt quit your day job
// You’ve probably done it before, doing a Google search for, “how to quit my day job.” You are utterly disgusted with every part of your job that you want to give your 2 weeks because of the gossiping colleagues, the evil boss, the numbers, the bureaucracy, being underpaid (or feeling like you are), or any other reason. I know ... Read More

Monster List of 155+ Money Saving Tips

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The last money saving list you'll need! 0Ways to Save Money // // ]]>   The initial version of this list had 12,432 words and it’ll likely grow over time. I know it’s not about quantity but I can assure you that I did spend a lot of time putting this list together with quality in mind. I honestly got ... Read More