Monster List of Income Sources

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Monster list of Income Sources
Income Sources

Before I get into ways to earn income, I want to talk about some pointers when you think about earning income. Not all income streams are equal and you really to think about how efficient, output and scalable the income stream might be. Let’s dig right in!

Efficient use of time
Each and every one of us has only 24 hours in a day. If you think about the time we spend sleeping, eating, and working we honestly don’t have much time in our day. That’s why we need to think about the most efficient use of our time to maximize your income. So when you’re starting something new keep in mind how much time it’ll take to complete each task, unless you’re doing it as a hobby and don’t mind taking a lot of time completing each task, then focus on what you can do most efficiently.

Least amount of work with biggest output
This ties in with efficiently but leans more towards the actual energy and stress that goes into completing a task or job. Sure one job might be done a lot quicker but might be extremely stressful or force you make you extremely tired quickly. In this case, regardless of how fast you can complete the job or task, you might be able to repeat the process too many times, limiting your income potential.

Is the income producer you have chosen scalable? That means, can you eventually outsource parts or all of your work so that you can turn it into something more? For example, if you choose to write articles, you can write the articles yourself or outsource the articles to have someone else write them.

The key here is to ensure that by scaling, you’re increasing your income potential. If you’ve created a website that allows you to earn $15 for each article that you write and post, you could spend $10 and have someone else write the article for you. Which means if you do this 10 times you earn $150 but spend $100 and pocket $50. Sure this is oversimplified, but you get the point.

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If you like writing and are pretty good at it then this is for you. Writing does take time and you’ll need to spend time researching, editing, and proofreading your own work (you can always hire but then that’s an added cost). If you have the time, then this is a great way to earn additional cash.

Out of the many sites out there that pay for surveys, reading e-mails and signing up for offers, InboxDollars is likely the most reliable and trustworthy. Read this article at the Penny Hoarder for a full review as to why you should add InboxDollars to your list of income sources!
Publish your own book on Amazon Kindle it’s easy and the royalties are solid.
If Amazon isn’t your thing, try
Another great place to earn some income writing is
Writing isn’t the only way to earn an income on If you build a solid reputation for yourself, sites like freelancer could turn into a solid and stable income stream.
Write content such as articles and reviews for websites and blogs to make some money on
You can sell all sorts of digital products including ebooks at!
People write all sorts of things whether if it’s school papers or blog posts, editing is required and tedious. If you are great with your grammar and don’t mind editing, then this might be a great way for you to create an extra income source.
Play games, visit websites and complete surveys for cash at


If you are the creative type this might be a great way for you to earn some extra income.

If you can design logos or website content, then allows you to earn money or win prizes from your tshirt design submissions. Pretty cool since you don’t have to worry about inventory, when someone orders a tshirt Threadless takes care of everything and pays you!
allows you to design something and have it produced without having to have all the equipment.
Get creative and sell your wordpress theme on
Get creative and create some crafts and sell them on
Make your own accessories, products or sell vintage items on
Into animations? is a great site for this.
If you can design then making your own artwork is a great way to earn on extra income. Try websites like where you can show off your portfolio and people will commission for projects. You should definitely also setup your own website to create fan base which could lead to recurring business.


For most people that want to earn an income online, having a website is a must. Your website can be something extremely simple from a one page website to an authority site that has thousands of websites. Creating income sources is one of the hardest because of the low barriers to entry, but if you can persevere and see it through and update the website regularly, this might be the most lucrative form of making money. Remember, content is king! There is enough spam on the Internet and Google isn’t going to rank a horrible website so always aim for high quality. is website that you can buy and sell websites. You can sell your website, blog, or eCommerce site and that of course means you can buy websites as an investment. Be sure to do your research first as there are a lot of scams and many of the numbers you’ll see can be inflated. If something seems too good to be true, it likely is. Flippa is a good way for you to see examples of sites that make money. You can learn from their website layouts, how they might have done their research, monetization schemes, etc.
You can also always resell what you buy on Flippa, there are people that make a living solely on this website.
A niche website or micro niche website is where you choose a very specific keyword and create a small website around that keyword hoping for focused adsense income on a high paying keyword. This might be a good way to get started so that you can learn the ins and outs of keyword research, creating a basic website and optimizing your articles for SEO.

However, even with these small sites make sure you’re focusing on quality. I’ve seen countless websites that have been created around a specific keyword that were made horribly just so that the site can rank for a keyword and hope to earn Adsense or affiliate income. This won’t work anymore. You have to create content that people will actually want to read. People used to think they could make a quick buck create micro niche sites and I’m sure there still are people out there that are capable of doing so, why not create something that has a chance to be a long term income source rather than being penalized by Google, ie not showing up in their rankings?

An authority website has ample content and is a site that is see as well an “authority.” Visitors will come to your site because they want information about a certain topic and know that your site has a high probability of having the answer. This means that you’ll need to have a lot of quality content and update the site regularly to attract new and retain those visitors.
Many local companies still do not have a website. If you know how to setup a simple website (WordPress will be plenty) and can research your local businesses to see if they have a well functioning website or any website at all, you can approach them with a package to setup their website. You don’t need to make anything too complicated, basic information such as location, hours or operation, photos (which you can have them provide or take yourself), products and services and whatever else you might seem suitable for that company. Restaurants, local dentists, retail shops are all great potential customers.

If your potential client wants something a little more complicated, you can outsource that work to people on or

This isn’t a wiki page on wikipedia but a wiki-type site for something. The best example I can provide is creating a wiki for something you have interest in and is brand new or yet to be released such as a brand new video game that is going to be released. Ideally you want something that will be updated regularly that way you will have fresh content to add to the wiki regularly which means visitors will come back regularly. You can make ad revenue off of this or sell of the wiki once you you reach a certain point that will make the site sellable.


If you like to spend time taking photos of absolutely anything, why not make some money while you’re at it? This is a great way to create a passive income stream. I would recommend choosing one or two of these sites and focusing your efforts on them as the more reputation your build the more likely you’re photos will sell.

Even if you are selling your photos I think it makes sense to have a website since you’ll be able to market yourself by having your portfolio online, just make sure you watermark the photos or have a way so that people don’t simply steal your photos, unless you don’t mind them taking your photos of course.

You can direct the visitors on your site to either buy the photos on your site or through on the stock photo sites. The former will lead to higher profits but the latter might be easier and more comfortable for the visitor to use.

Sell you photos on sites like: just to name a few

Having Fun

Why not make money and play games at the same time?

That’s right! You can make money playing games at Although a lot of it has to do with entering contests but why not try it out?
I personally used to play on
a lot. You can win bigger prize pools and there’s the potential to easily make hundreds of dollars if this is your thing.
Many companies or people that work on their own have a need for a personal or virtual assistant. This is doing the grunt work like making phone calls, data entries, bookkeeping, etc. There’s always a need for this and if you can build a reputation, you’ll be able to make a pretty penny from this. Elance and freelancer can be a good place to start.
I’m sure you’re heard of people playing videos games like Minecraft and making millions, it’s possible and yet it’s very difficult.
Here’s an article business Insider had about the top 20 most popular Youtubers that and how much they make roughly.

Now I won’t say expect to become the next Youtube sensation but why not post some videos, you’ll need a decent microphone and scree capturing software like FRAPS or you could simply use what you have on your computer or try some free software. If you’re a Mac user you have QuickTime Player installed to take simply screecasts while iMovie is a basic video editor. This is the combo that I am using at Freedom Nova.

Interesting Jobs

There are many other unique and interesting jobs out there like testing websites, games, or selling anything that you might be good at on where everything is sold for $5, Fiverr keeps a dollar per transaction so you get $4 for everything transaction.
A great way to kill some time and make money at the same time! Visit
There are a few websites that you can tutor on:
Just to name a couple where you could focus on a topic and teach students in your free time.
is another great way to teach your skills and make money.
is an app that gives you local jobs that pay. You’re helping businesses ensure that they have ample shelving inventory or want on the ground info about their promotions or events to see that everything is going according to their plan. It let’s you try things you usually wouldn’t in an ordinary day and pays you so it’s definitely worth a shot!
If you’re ok with being in front of the camera and like doing reviews then this is a great one.
will give you gift certificates for famous retailers which isn’t exactly cash but you could use those gift certificates to buy things that you’ve wanted or sell those gift certificates on ebay for cash!
If you have stuff lying around why not make some cash by renting it out? Sites like Rentything allow you to rent out stuff by opening up your own rental store a great way to rent things out that you might not need on a regular basis but don’t want to get rid of.


Sure there might be some risks involved but the Lending Club does their due diligence and you’ll much higher earns than the savings account at your local bank and possibly even more than some mutual funds.
We’ve all heard of great success stories of people making huge amounts of money by developing an app and having it go super popular. Angry Birds and the famous Flappy Bird that was taken down the by the creator which was reported to be making $50,000 a day at one point.

Even if you don’t have the IT knowledge you can outsource the work to have the app created through sites like Apple has created a developer’s site for more information as well which you can access here.

Do odd jobs on Amazon Mechanical Turks for small amounts of money. You won’t get rich doing this but you can do most tasks in the comfort of your home. Tasks pay pennies but they add up over time and can be simple tasks like transcribing or finding things on the Internet.
Uber and Lyft are trying to reduce the reliance on taxis by having regular drivers utilize their personal vehicles to drive people around to their destinations. Lyft says on their website that you could make up to $35/hr.
Check them out:

Social Media

If you have a solid following on Twitter, you can utilize sponsored tweets to make a little extra cash with Sponsored Tweets. Tweet to your followers promotions and other content.
Whether if you’re selling on eBay or on your own website, using social media is a must if you want to spread the word.
If you know how social media works, know how to promote through it, enjoy using social media and keep up with social media trends, then why not utilize that knowledge and experience and help local businesses? It can very difficult for local businesses to keep up with social media or even create Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and more. You can even offer monthly services that will help maintain and spread your client’s social media presence. For example, you can post on their Facebook and Twitter accounts or reply to customer tweets as an added service.


Amazon Affiliates allows you to display links or images on your website to promote items sold on Amazon. You can then get a commission based on your sales, the more you sell the higher the percentage of your commission. is affiliate website that you can promote membership sites that pay a high commission.
Many stores have affiliate programs and if you own a website that is related a product see if stores in that field have an affiliate program.
Clickbank is an online marketplace for digital products and some vendors pay up to 80% to their affiliates which makes it a very lucrative market. If you promote a select niche on your website then this might be a great way to monetize your website.
Commission Junction is probably one of the biggest affiliate websites out there where you can promote products of major companies.

Sell Stuff

I’m sure you’ve heard of ebay by now. Ebay is still a great place to clean your closet or home or stuff you don’t need.
Believe it or not, Amazon is also a great place to sell your stuff. Books a great way into the Amazon marketplace although you will have a lot of competition there will always be a niche you can enter if you look hard enough.
If you can find a niche that isn’t extremely saturated and have a supplier you can dropship the item without having an inventory. You’ll need to be creative as all the major products will likely have hefty competition but if you’re clever you can still find a niche that will have minimal competition. Alibaba is a huge source of potential suppliers, but I’ve also heard of many scams so do your due diligence!

Try and be creative. The major suppliers will already have huge contracts with drop shipping sites like Doba where you’ll likely find steep competition. If you find an interesting product that you think will sell, then contact the supplier directly. You can also try sites like Worldwidebrands that will give you access to supplier information.

You can also check this list out of 25 dropshippers.

This could apply to all sorts of things but to give you a famous example, there are seller on ebay that make quite a bit of money selling lego pieces. I’ve also heard of people breaking apart old computers and selling parts or selling car parts from old vehicles.


Take on the odd job on Craigslist
Yes it isn’t the prettiest way to make money but it’s definitely an opportunity. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure.
Look on for a way to make a little extra cash doing other people’s chores. is great if you have some extra rooms in your home and don’t mind having some strangers coming and going. If you have a mortgage this is a great mortgage helper.
This is great if you love to bake! is another great place to help other people with their tasks and make a little extra cash doing them.
Local businesses need a website and most business owners have no idea how to make a website. All you need to do is make a simple wordpress for these businesses and help them maintain or do some search engine optimization (SEO) for a stable income stream.
Wherever you live there will students of all ages that need help with their homework or to excel on a subject.
Buy a simple machine like this and sell at your local fair, obviously you’ll need a license.
This doesn’t take much time and skill either and can be a solid source of income.
This might not be your ideal way to spend a weekend, but only several occasions I’ve talked to people that have seen Ipads (with a damaged screen), textbooks, brand new stationary that is just thrown out by students especially at the end of the school year. This is one way to stock up on stationary, that’s for sure.
This one is unique, you don’t need to have extreme technique and if you don’t know how watch a couple Youtube videos. Here’s one
Get a decent wetstone which won’t cost you too much. Here’s a similar one to the one you see in the video for $42. You could charge $5 for each knife and make a decent income for a very minimal startup investment.
If you don’t want to walk into every restaurant then you can call them or e-mail them as well.
If you don’t mind this, it’s a nice extra source of income. Especially since it’s monthly income, according to Free Car Media, a rear window ad is $50+ per month and the entire car can be $400 per month, which could be a monthly car payment!
Check it out here
Students from all over the world visit foreign countries for the experience or to learn a language. This is especially true for English speaking countries as I know many families that have had a host student at their. You basically provide food and lodging for a decent price, I know people that have been able to pay off their mortgage years quicker as a result of doing this.
You’d be surprised at how many cans, bottles and random metal that you can find if you live in a large city. Living in a condo, I can tell you that the every day people are too lazy to take their cans and bottles back and just dump their bottles in the garbage area. Just by collecting that you could make dollars a day, which could be over a thousand dollars a year. That’s a vacation right there.
If you like shopping then this is for you, you can walk right into major retailers or service providers to see if they are doing their job up to par of what the company expects.
Sites like MSPA and Gap Buster link you with large companies, now you can shop and make money!
Even though computers are much cheaper nowadays people would still much rather repair than buy if they can.
This is a popular one that you’ll see ads for all over on sites like Craiglist, or you can try sites like as well.
This one is obvious but worth mentioning because if you work a regular day job, then this actually might be one of the easier ways to increase your income. If you haven’t had a raise in a while or completed a successful project, it might be worth building your case and asking for a raise. Or if the company is hiring because of a lack of employees, offer to do overtime in the meantime to help the company and increase your income.
Even though computers are much cheaper nowadays people would still much rather repair than buy if they can.
You’d be surprised at how many people cannot use Excel, PowerPoint, and other software. You can even teach the basics and still earn a steady income stream.
Resume and cover letter writing is always in demand, if this is your thing you can earn a steady income.
If you love sports, know the rules well and don’t mind a little whistle blowing, this might be for you! Check out your local sport’s association websites and see if there are any part time jobs to referee local games.

Most of these ways of making money are extremely straightforward, sign up for the program take on a job, get paid. However, some of them aren’t so straightforward, it takes some thinking and planning. If you want to get more insight as to how you can maximize your earnings most efficiently, check out some of our tutorials here.

There are ways to combine two or more of these tips and ideas together to make a bigger business and you’ll learn how to do that as well here!

Become a dog walker, you might even be able to start your own business, especially if you can train dogs too!

Please be sure to consult a financial professional before making any decisions. All information on Freedom Nova is for informational purposes only and is not be confused with financial advice.

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