Learn how to determine your risk tolerance and create the ideal investment portfolio customized for your personal needs in the Investment Management section.

Once you’ve figured out your income sources and know how to plan your finances, the next major step is to create an investment portfolio that will help you reach financial freedom. To reiterate what I said in our mission (which you should read here), financial freedom is when all of your passive income sources pay for all of your expenses making it so that you don’t have to work actively. I say actively because even with passive income sources, you do have to checkup on how things are going and do some work to ensure that the passive income sources are at least going to maintain their income if not increase their income streams.

In this section you’ll learn about:
– Creating a stock investment portfolio
– The role real estate can play in your investment portfolio
– Other sources of passive income: royalties, business income, and more.


7 Reasons why dividend are so awesome!
Dividends are awesome and if you’ve done any amount of reading on Freedom Nova you know I’m a huge fan. Read and learn why I think so in 7 different ways!

Doing your own Stock Research on Google Finance
Learn how to navigate Google Finance to do your own stock research. You’ll also find a Youtube video with me explaining how to navigate the site and understand the basic investment vocabulary to help you on your way!

Determining Your Risk Tolerance
Undoubtedly one of the most important of financial planning and investing is knowing how much risk you can take on without losing sleep. Find out why this is so important, how to figure out your risk tolerance and what this all means.

The Different Parts of your Investment Portfolio
Did you know that retirement isn’t the only thing your investment portfolio is about? Find out what other potential parts of your investment portfolio might be.

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