Freedom Nova’s first book, 200 Money Saving Tips to Reach Financial Freedom!

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Money saving tips to reach financial freedom

After writing the Monster List of Money Savings tips article, which had 155 ways of saving money and seeing how popular the article was, I decided to turn the article into a book. The book titled, 200 Money Saving Tips to Reach Financial Freedom, is now available on Amazon worldwide!

Money saving tips to reach financial freedom

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Freedom Nova was created to make earning, planning and investing your money easier. Saving money has two aspects. The first aspect is in reducing the amount of money you spend. The second aspect is setting a side a portion of your income into savings and hopefully investments. The majority of the book focuses on reducing the money you spend, but also talks about ways to put money away and the mindset behind that line of thinking. I titled it “to reach financial freedom” because saving money is only one step of the entire process to reach financial freedom. The other aspects such as earning and investing are vital to make financial freedom a realistic goal that I touch upon in the book as well.

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