Hi! My name is Michael and I started Freedom Nova to make financial education easy and accessible. I’m a former banker and full-time MBA student (at the time of starting this) and I’ve found that regardless of the level of education or work experience that people have, their financial education is often lacking and can always use some work.

I’ve spent countless hours e-mailing and talking to friends, family, colleagues, and others about ways to save money, plan for their future and create an investment portfolio that will hopefully lead to financial freedom in their future. 

In this age full of information, some of the simplest topics can seem impossible to figure out because some people benefit from our lack or understanding or sometimes ignorance. My goal with Freedom Nova is to make all this as simple as possible.

Freedom Nova Mission:
To help every individual achieve financial freedom by making financial education easy and accessible to reach financial freedom.

We all think we know what managing our finances is or investing for our future is. But do we really? There are countless websites that have their own definition and while many of these sites are wonderful, sometimes too much information is confusing. I want to make all this easy to understand.

The three core parts of the Freedom Nova website which I like to call “Novas” which are:

If you have a strong understanding of all three and execute some of the strategies that I provide, you will be one huge step closer to achieving financial freedom!

Financial freedom, by the way, is when all of your passive income exceeds your necessary bills whereby you won’t need to work a single minute at least actively. This should be your ultimate goal, and this site will help you achieve financial freedom.

Other than the 3 Novas, you’ll find a resource section that introduces all sorts of tools that you can use for each Nova. In addition, you’ll find book reviews of amazing books that I have read that I recommend you read. Yes, I want to make financial education easy and accessible, but that doesn’t mean you don’t need to do any work. The more you understand, the more you’re helping yourself reach financial freedom.

Now, let’s get started! Dig right in!

Nova 1: Income Generation – Learn ways to create income sources!

Nova 2: Financial Planning – Understand how to manage your finances and control your budget and save money!

Nova 3: Investment Management – Find out how to create your very own Investment portfolio

You can also take a peak at the monsters lists to save money and earn more income. Another great page to visit is the essential knowledge you need to construct your investment portfolio. You’ll see image links (as you see immediately below this writing) on every page of this website as I think these pages are a must read.

Everything you find on Freedom Nova is my personal take and will therefore be biased. This is how I personally think about how I need to work on my own personal financial plan and how I personally invest for the most part. But be sure to talk to a professional before making any decisions!

If you have any questions, want to share a success story, please feel free to post in the comments or contact me here! If there are any topics you want to have me cover please let me know, I’ll do my best to oblige. Thank you for visiting Freedom Nova!

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