What do you need to achieve financial freedom? How do you budget? What’s the best way to save money? How do you setup a financial plan? That’s what the Financial Planning section is all about!

If you have an income source whether it’s from what your learned here on Freedom Nova or have a day job, you need to plan your finances. Budgeting and savings usually doesn’t take care of itself, you need a plan and the will to stick to that plan. I want to teach you how to create that plan and teach you what you need to do to stick with that plan. Again, I never said it was going to be easy, but if you want to have a healthier financial life, then let’s get down to work!

In this section you’ll find articles about:

  • Detailed Budgeting Techniques
  • Ample ways of Saving Money
  • Finding the Path to Financial Freedom customized for your needs
  • Understanding every part of personal finance from bank accounts, credit cards, mortgages, insurance and much more!


Freedom Nova’s first book! 200 ways to save money to reach financial freedom!
I’ve decided to put the monster list of saving money together and publish a book on Amazon Kindle! The books is available worldwide and not only talks about money saving tips but also how you should be using FreedomNova.com to reach financial freedom.

You won’t need pension income if you read this…
If everyone invested 8% of their gross income and had a balanced portfolio with an average 5% annual return for 35 years, company and government pension would be unnecessary. Can you imagine the impact that this would have?

8 Essential Financial Habits to stay Broke
Learn the habits that you should avoid unless you want to stay broke!

5 steps to put your extra monthly cash to work
Learn what you should do with any excess cash you have after you’ve paid for all of your expenses every month!

What’s better Rent vs. Own your home?
It’s a question we all need to ask and it depends on a variety of factors. Read and find out what makes more sense for your situation.

What is your “Magic” number to reach Financial Freedom?
The question everyone wants answered, how much is enough? Well let’s spend some time together figuring out your personal, custom-fit, tailored, suited magic number shall? Bring your own pen and paper please…

Monster List to ways of saving money
I’ve decided to compile a monster list of money saving tips. 150+ tips, check’em out!

Must Reads!

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