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Welcome to the Freedom Nova book review section. These are books that I recommend based on different subjects, every book has been hand selected with a quick review that you can read by clicking the title.


Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life without Losing Its Soul

As a Starbucks lover, I found this to be an extremely fund read. Even a company like Starbucks has its troubles and when Howard Schultz returned as CEO after 8 years of being the chairman, he had one purpose and that was to revive the original values that Starbucks first had by focusing on the customers instead only focusing on the numbers and pleasing shareholders, something many companies struggle with as they grow bigger.

The book is written in a first person view as Howard Schultz takes us through his journey of turning the company around through tough times. 384 pages of solid reading which makes you want to wake up a little early and make a batch of coffee with a french press, as Howard Schultz does every morning.


Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Day Trader

One of my all time favorites. I’ve read this book at least 10 times just for the entertainment. The book looks into the trading lives of one of Wall Street’s legendary traders. The book is written in a first person view by Marty and how he started as a trader all the way to his “retirement.” He goes into his methodology and his mindset as a trader, which is fascinating. You can really feel how hard it can be to be a trader and a successful one at that and the toll that it takes on you.

Marty was featured in the original Market Wizards which is also one of my favorite all time books as well. My favorite chapter is when Marty discovers his most profitable method and makes a ridiculous amount of money, but it isn’t about the money it’s the thrill behind finding something that no one else could have at the time. If you must read one Investing book, read this one.

Market Wizards, Updated: Interviews With Top Traders

This gem written by Jack Schwager is a compilation of interviews of the top traders back in 1987. 1987!? You must think I’m crazy. Yes, it’s been a while and the markets have changed drastically since these traders were legendary, yet when you read and compare to what the market is today you realize how valuable this book still is. This is another book that I’ve read several times because of the valuable experiences of legendary traders such as Paul Tudor Jones, Bruce Kovner, Richard Dennis, Michael Steinhardt, and Marty Schwartz (who wrote the book, Pit Bull: Lessons from Wall Street’s Champion Day Trader, which I also recommend).

You learn how important discipline is. Everyone says it, knows about it and yet it’s so hard to grasp and maintain day in and day out. You also learn that there is no one way to be successful in the market. The book won’t tell you what to do be a successful trader, but it will help you learn what the traits of successful traders are. Even if you aren’t a trader, these are traits you can have to be a successful investor as well.

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